The Brow Dream Team


Gingerella Rox Founder, Master Brow Artist, Trainer & Educator

Kelly founded Gingerella Rox approx 5 years ago with zero beauty or tattoo experience but an extreme passion and determination to be the best! Kelly has travelled the world learning from Masters in the industry to ensure she brings only the best possible techniques first and foremost to Perth, Australia. 

Little bit about Kelly, she has a serious addiction to lipstick and hand-cream. Is petrified of cotton wool. Loves going to gigs, meditating, crystals and thinking she’s a spiritual gangster. Random fact – Once got a tattoo (after having far too much to drink) woke up next morning with pictures of herself getting this tattoo while holding a tarantula! Doesn't remember a thing.

Absolutely loves empowering women to become the very best version of themselves. Educating and teaching is her passion!


Senior Cosmetic Brow Artist, Brow Trainer & Educator

As most of Abbie's repeat clients know, she started out as a dental nurse for 10 years! (obviously NOT her passion, as beauty always was). She started her makeup artistry business on the side, during which Kelly advertised for a new brow position, Abbie jumped at the chance, and the rest is history!

"Brows.Are.Life! Brows can absolutely change your face (for better or worse) and I love transforming men and women day in and day out, giving them gorgeous brows that frame their beautiful faces."

Abbie's Top Brow Tip - If you have brow tattoos, when putting on makeup. Make sure to get a cotton tip and miceller water and go OVER your tattoo. A lot of the time foundation etc can get on them and dull them down. Getting rid of that layer of makeup makes them POP!


Senior Cosmetic Brow Artist & G.Rox Brow Artist

Alana has always had a natural artistic flair, starting out as a brow expert working for the largest brow brand in the world.
She built up clientele, quickly making her way up to brow bar manager after only two years before joining the
Gingerella Rox girl gang in April 2018.

"I believe a great pair of brows helps express your personality in your facial expressions. I love getting to know my clients and getting creative by personalising a style for each individual"

Alana's Top Brow Tip - I have some brow hairs that grow in a downwards direction and don't sit in line. I find that setting them with Boho Brows in the morning, and at night, has helped them to start growing in the right direction


Cosmetic Brow Artist & G.Rox Brow Artist

Phoebe has a background of 10 years as a makeup artist and joined our G.Rox team over a year ago to make brow magic.

"Eyebrows make or break a face so to speak, as a makeup artist/stylist it's one of the most prominent ways to set an example of the face. Brows can change the proportions of the face, and tell a person's personality and style all with a few little tweaks! "

Bee's Top Brow Tip - BohoBrows BohoBrows BohoBrows!!!
My number one, can't live without product, and if you want to try a creative shape or colour, see a pro.


Cosmetic Brow Artist

Sam has been in the beauty industry for 10 years now! After having a few years off to have her two babies, she was keen to jump into the brow industry.

"Brows are such an important feature on someone’s face and they can really change someone face shape with the style that they choose... plus if the first thing people are going to notice when they see you is your brows, then you want to make sure that they are killer ones!"

Sam's Top Brow Tip - Brush your brow hairs upwards, this can help make them appear fuller and thicker.


G.Rox Brow Artist

Sian used to be a chef, and has the perfectionist's eye to detail. After starting her own family, she decided to chase her dreams, attended the G.Rox courses, and here she is!

"Brows frame our faces, they help accentuate the eyes, shape the face and can take years off you if styled well. I love making others feel confident within themselves."

Sian's Top Brow Tip - Once you find your Brow queen, stick with her/him.



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