WE GET IT! Making the decision to get Brow Tattoos, whether Feather Touch, Powder Brows or Ombre Brows is certainly not a decision to be made lightly, and choosing where to get the treatment, even less so! We know you are going to do your due diligence, spend hours (weeks... months!) on Google, trawl Facebook reviews, ask every friend and family member going where they went and for every last drop of info. And WELL DONE YOU! We're THRILLED you're doing the research and taking this decision seriously. 

Of course, we know the Q's you really want to ask us though so we will save you as much time as possible with a quick 'WHY CHOOSE US FAQ' below, and if you've any other Q's don't hesitate to ask. There's also a very comprehensive FAQ under the 'Cosmetic Tattooing' tab that will answer your Q's regarding the actual treatment.

So... Why Choose Us?

To date, over XX clients have trusted Gingerella Rox with their Brows. That's a whole lotta THUMBS UP! We don't claim to be the best in the business because it sounds good, we say it - simply because we are. Our girls have undoubtedly received some of the most training in Australia (we'd say the world, but you never know, some Brow Artists in Outer Mongolia could be training on the daily!) We train WAY in excess of what is required thanks to owner Kelly Innes never ending thirst for learning the newest techniques! We specifically employ a Customer Happiness Expert who's ONLY job is to make you happy and feeling good from the second you step into our pretty little salon. We are absolutely, completely and utterly, (unnaturally) so OBSESSED with Brows. You want the safest of hands? Girl, we got you!

Who is the best artist? I want her!

Hands on our hearts... each and every one of our Brow Artists are amazing! Our prices are based on experience so whilst Abbie - our Senior Artist has clocked up many more tattooing hours than our newer Artists, each and every one of them is given the same one on one training by Kelly Innes. Kelly travels the world training and learning all the latest techniques - knowledge and skills which are immediately then passed on to all Gingerella Rox Brow Artists. You are literally in the hands of artists with a WEALTH of knowledge from across the globe, not just one-off local training unlike many other Brow Artists.

I want to see ALL the pics.. where are they? 

Of course you do, that's why our Instagram is chocker-block with daily photos, feedback and stories from every single day with the salon. Check it out! 

Will it hurt? 

We ask all our clients to arrive 15 minutes early for us to apply numbing cream and let that work it's magic before we get started. Numbing cream top-ups are also applied often throughout the treatment. On rare occasions, a mild discomfort can be experienced. On less rare occasions, our clients fall asleep on the bed! 

What qualifications do the Brow Artists have? 

Kel can you filll this bit please - unsure of certifications names and levels etc.
Not just that, but (ahem - blow our own trumpet!) our senior Brow Artist Abbie teaches alongside Kelly at the G.Rox Brow Academy. We've got the qualifications to train other existing Brow Artists and help give them confidence in their work too. So we're not just looking and working on your Brows from an Artist perspective, but from a clinical, critical and ultimate perfectionist level too.

OK... I'm convinced, how do I book?

Woo-hoo! We're so thrilled to be able to to create amazing Brows for you! You can email our friendly reception team on gingerellarox@gmail.com. Call us on 0435 528 750, or pop into 3/42 Grand Boulevard Terrace, Joondalup and pay us a visit. We can't wait to meet you!


 Joondalup - 0435 528 750

Mount Lawley - 0466 039 245

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